We let him shoot one shot for free, while his friends all filmed it with their smart phones. The picatinny style accessory rail easily allows for aftermarket optics and scope rings. The Deagle is not recoil-operated like the locked breach and blowback designs that pistol shooters know and love. The bolt of a Desert Eagle seems familiar This slows the unlocking of the gun and makes for a much smoother and softer recoil impulse. - Blue/Black, 6" Barrel, 7+1 Rounds, Polymer Grips, 3-Dot Sights 24 Reviews | 7 Questions & Answers Model: DE50 Condition: Factory New Bud's Item Number: 49129 . Besides, if Gaston Glock chose polygonal rifling for Americas gun, how can we mere mortals object to the same for Israels gun? Desert Eagle; Magnum Research 1911; Biggest Finest Revolver; Baby Eagle Rifles. I shot Joes hand cannons with bullets weights up to 700 grains. Ammo had to be HOT. Different guns fill different niches, and the DE is a perfect pistol for those who want an expensive, good looking, hard hitting, accurate monster to show off at barbecues, and to carry into the woods every once in a while. After dumping 7 rounds, my 130 pound frame was done for the day, so everyone else got their chance to play. I will be buying the mod. The long sight radius of 8.65 also made for accurate sighting. Night shots are incredible to see . Epic 22 Pocket Pistol: The Beretta 71 Jaguar. [ED: Louisville Leathers is developing a Desert Eagle holster for Ralphs dining and dancing pleasure. The picatinny style accessory rail easily allows for aftermarket optics and scope rings. used this with the speer 325s on feral hogs even at 60-70 yards the effect was impressive and i have since gone DOWN to a 44 mag for that sort of game. Thank you for trying . Width is 1.25", height 6.25" and the weight with an empty magazine is . And yes it will stop a running 350 Chevy motor too! Now, Magnum Research is proud to introduce two lighter weight models which make a noticeable difference when handling the pistol albeit two hands are still recommended for most shooters. Each pistol comes with two 8-round magazines. dc sundt gny sgt usmc. No. Beyond the Desert Eagle and BFR Magnum revolver, Magnum Research also produces the CZ-75 inspired Baby Eagle/Jericho, the Desert Eagle 1911, the MR Eagle, and the "Micro Eagle" pocket .380. I found the weapon easier to hold securely after installing rubber Hogue grips. 1.6 oz. The casing left the ejector and bolt, made 1-1/2 flips in the air, and was grabbed out of the air at hat brim level by the slide and bolt going back forward. I have e few Mark 1s and 7s but prefer the Mark 19s because mainly parts are available. , Discounting the cost of brass since I was using the owners empties the reloads set me back about $.40 each. . All models feature a full Weaver style accessory rail on the barrel from the end of the chamber to right behind the front sight and standard ambidextrous safeties. Neo won. The Desert Eagle is known for its common appearance in media due to its large size, high caliber, and intimidating . This gun is, what, 3-4 times the cost of a standard AR? $1,769.00 Add to Cart Used. I accidentally found your review after I purchasing a Deagle 50 and I wanted to see what others were saying. Id even go so far to say its a practical choice since the ammo is cheaper and its possible to control the gun. The sights are very good and the long sight radius makes for accuracy. Magnum Research Desert Eagle 50 AE Mark XIX Black Pistol Out of Stock. The Desert Eagle is a powerful.50 caliber pistol that is capable of producing muzzle velocities exceeding 1900 fps and muzzle energy of 2800 ft-lbs. The best price for desert eagle 44 for sale online. Between the knee and ankle below your strongest arm. You have entered an incorrect email address! I camp in the Wyoming mts. Desert Eagle. They also need some special attention such as a little polishing and fitting. Buy a Desert Eagle/IMI Pistols online. generous return policy, and handle everything you dont have to go back to An iconic handgun that needs no introduction, this Desert Eagle MK XIX boasts beautiful matte chrome. Magnum Lite RimFire Rifles; Mountain Eagle Centerfire Rifle; Other Products. Not even a fictional one. They felt darned inadequate. But that gun is very overbuilt and not much lighter than the .50AE version. Most of the rumors center around cycling issues. Final products may not exactly match depictions in advertisements. I carry in a shoulder rig. COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. If your assailant hides behind a tree, it will kill him AND the tree. Magnum Research. The gun is not just impractical, but illogical. on your local stores shelf, most retailers drop ship it from a warehouse in The 50 AE generates about 1400-1600 ft lbs with a 6 barrel, and roughly 1700-1800 ft lbs and change with the 10 barrel. The color combinations in this lineup from Magnum Research are unprecedented, with everything available from gold Desert Eagle to Black Tiger Stripe finishes. in 44, and with the huge powder capacity it could be argued that it is the 1st magnum. SOLD Manufacturer: IWI Magnum Research ( Israel ) Model: Desert Eagle Serial Number: 30202238 Caliber Info: .50AE Condition: Excellent You must be talking about some other cartridge perhaps a 45-70 BFR or S&W 460 Magnum. 1 oz. Consider an attack by any animal from behind when they grab you America is free, and I am too. Provides warranty concurrent with manufacturer's warranty for the firearm, including all parts & labor for warranty repairs during coverage. Best review of any gun in the history of ever. I find shooting Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE more fun than shooting 500 SmithWession revolver. DE1911G10-K. Taking out Neo? Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX Black Pistol -After 25 years of being accessorized, customized and re-imagined in countless movies, television shows and video games, the Desert Eagle Pistol has emerged as a pop-culture icon. It is not for wimps and as far as reliability all I can say is mine I would stake my life on it.just dont buy the cheap magazines,they are prone to feeding issues buy the factory mags they are worth price..and yes the gun is extremely fun to shoot.ammo is cheaper by hand loading.. Anyway, those are the theories. The earliest variation of the Desert Eagle put into production was the Mark I, which was chambered in both .357 and .44 Magnum versions. Rangemasters are here to answer all your questions about our products or process. As we all know, revolvers dont really care much about such issues as powder fouling.. I though everybody on TTAG supports the right to arm bearsexcept MikeB of course. (.50 A.E. It has a trigger reach of 2.75 and a sight radius of 8.5 with the 6 barrel. Need Help?service@guns.comCall (866)582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 2023Guns.com. I DID in fact purchase it as a penis extension and NOW realize that ALL guys gravitate toward penis extensions in one way or another. I wonder if there would be any advantage to adapting the gas operated rotary bolt system to a smaller handgun in a more sensible cartridge. Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX for sale . But dont tell me I shouldnt spend my money on onethats where you cross the line. Barrel Length: 6.0 ), 3 lbs. Awesome review, Ralph! like the article would buy another one anytime I alsothe 44 Magnum Desert Eagle over 20 yearsgave that one to my son, One must remember that each person will like different things. Try shooting the .44Mag from a Smith & Wesson Model 29. Which have proved many movies. we offer several variants of the Desert Eagle Pistol, including the Mark I,Mark VIIandMark XIX. Very entertaining and informative, it helped me make up my mind on buying a deagle .I gotta have it . ), 8 rounds (.44 Mag), 9 rounds (.357 Mag), Black Aluminum Frame, Black Carbon Steel Slide & Barrel / Black Aluminum Frame, Brushed Chrome Slide & Barrel, 3 lbs. . It did not appear that he was limp-wristing, but he was shooting from a Weaver stance and permitting the pistol to roll up with each shot. For a goddamn handgun? Not at two bucks a round. Its not a jam machine, but it can jam. The construction of the Mark XIX Desert Eagle utilizes the latest CNC machine technology providing exacting specifications with tight tolerances creating a work of art in a precision firearm. Albinos (if such a thing exists) are exempt regardless. Yes, its a small canon! Guns.com is built to be simple easily organized products, useful descriptions from experts, and support to guide you to the right choice. It is easier to fire rapid fire.As for carrying it. Judge it after 5 rounds in the shooting range, look at holes group in target. A big problem with the DE was the use of lead bullets. I own the 460 and its great fun to shoot but the Buffalo Bore is tough on my wrists and wallet itll out muscle the 50 with a 360 grain bullet at about 1900 fps. The gun is inherently accurate and a joy to shoot. You have got to write more. If you compare it with normal handguns for the weight, size, recoil, etc. . Description Additional information Used Pistol Great Condition 3.5 Inch Barrel 9x19mm Cal 15 Round Cap By signing up you agree to Guns.com's Ill do a fiction/study research because I asked myself off is it possible if someone would shoot me in the forehead with a 50AE Desert eagle with 350 Grain JHP that I come away with? Online pricing may vary from in-store pricing. I bought a used S&W .500 at the gun show that came thru this weekend . ! (.50 A.E. Maybe its the fun, maybe the glamour, or maybe its the excitement of hanging out with a movie star. If you are able to shoot DE 50AE, you will improve all other shooting with smaller guns. I died laughing when I got to the flaming porcupine. The Desert Eagle is chambered in many calibers, including .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .50 Action Express. It has a velocity of 1600 FPS with 240 grain bullets and 1750 FPS with 210 grain bullets. No, I have to say that the Desert Eagle is simply the most useless gun ever made. And always since YMMV work your own loads up carefully paying attention to all the usual signs of over pressure. The Desert Eagle is really fun to shoot, but I dont know why anyone would own one.. Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX MK19 Pistol 44 Mag, 6", Titanium Gold Finish, Tiger Stripes. The Desert Eagle holds no fascination for me. Magnum Research IWI Desert Eagle 40 S&W Police Trade-In Pistol (Magazine Not Included), Magnum Research Baby Eagle 40 S&W Pistol Full Size, Magnum Research Baby Eagle III 45 ACP Full-Size Pistol with Carbon Steel Frame, Magnum Research Mark XIX Presidential Desert Eagle 50 AE Donald Trump Custom Pistol, Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark VII .44 MAG Police Trade-In Pistol, Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 A.E. It seem like this is an extraordinarily accurate system. I shoot one-handed with the DE .50, and Im no agent. but then, of course, my barrett m82 50 cal bmg sniper rifle is too! community. I know how ya feel. The best price for desert eagle pistol for sale online. Its gorgeous, but its hard on the hands. Agent Smith had his Deagle. Magnum Desert Eagle Mark XIX Brushed Chrome Pistol 8 RD 44 Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III Pistol 12 RD 40 S&W Desert Eagle III Semi-Compact .45 ACP Steel Frame, Magnum Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol 50 AE 7 RD Muzzle Brake. Among the others that I have, I have a 9mm Desert Eagle and well, for one, it came with (2) clips, and a protective bag to prevent rust. Being gas operated, the pistols barrel can be fixed in position like a rifle barrel. Every cowboy needs a revolver. If youre intrigued about the Desert Eagle and want to buy online today, visit our shop and browse through our numerous options. The sheer impracticality of the thing is just a huge turnoff. and they do have muzzle breaks to take the beast a little. have had so much fun!! A Walther .22 is easy on the hands and fun for a kid to shoot, but wont stop a hamster. However, Id prefer my Filipino wood fighting sticks for close quarters combat. The recoil forced my arm to pivot at the elbow, like a football referee signaling a first down. Man, if this kicks that much then Ill grab a .357 or .44 or just stick with airsoft and smaller calibers. its the power of guns that makes us do this so have fun with this hand cannon i do. The hammer cocked and de-cocked more easily than I expected. You have your energy wrong unless you are comparing the 50 at 10 feet and the 308 at 500 yards ..the 50 has nowhere near the energy. And did I mention that its a hoot to shoot? Unfortunately we didnt get it on digital (else Id have it on Mr. Lappy already.). The velocity was slightly higher than the S&W .500 and it WAS by a VERY credible source testing them both with a Chronograph and I saw everything on video first hand with NO edits. We filmed the same thing happening 4 out of his 7 rounds! Employing the old saw of equal height, equal light, I found it easy to put these sights right on target while dry-firing. so, have had my 50ae since the 90s one of the collector xix models. I do love the looks of it and am intrigued by its unique blowback system. No laws apply if conceived within U.S. borders. Because they are just plain fun to shoot! Email when stock available By pressing subscribe you agree to be join our newsletter. They both jumped out of there skin. A gas-operated semi-auto, however, does. And I also found it was crazy accurate. If you can not examine it. I have the first gen 50AE . anyone who says the eagles recoil is too much is a pansy, im not arnold im 6ft 180lbs and shoot it one handed with very little muzzle climb, also if you load your own (ringo fire) it comes down to 65-75 cents a round which is still pricey but do able. I have one more incredibly helpful addition to the limp wristing debate! Toward the end of slide travel, the hammer gets cocked. The grip is anatomically formed and provides an ideal hand seating angle for two-handed shooting allowing for comfortable, rapid and accurate firing. The gun measures 10.75" in length with a 6" barrel, or 14.75" in a 10" barrel available in black as an aftermarket item. Ergonomics (firing) * * * You can customize your Desert Eagle Pistol with a variety of impressive finishes to add your own distinctive twist to this timeless firearm. Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol, .50 AE, Black DE50 From in 6 stores Caliber:.50 AE I was beginning to think that the whole jam-o-matic business was so much bushwah. Maybe one day these guns will ALL be manufactured in China and will be worth about half of what one paid. Advertised prices may display a strikethrough or regular price. My only question would be if anyone has any different experience with the US models? lighter than other similar Desert Eagle models. Now hold the safe straight out at shoulder level with one arm. If you are weak twisted, or low grip strength its going to bite you either by jamming or by breaking your nose. You have enunciated a very thought-provoking proposition. My first shot was a ranging shot to get the feel of the pistol and locate its true point of impact relative to point of aim. The gas system would be fouled pretty well after about 75 rounds of Remington or Winchester ammo. Glock G17 Gen 1 9mm Gen1 1988 with box 17. Do Not limp wrist this beast! makes it feel like a 9mm. I can only imagine the .50 AE would be harder to grip. And the recoil The gun measures 10.75 in length with a 6 barrel, or 14.75 in a 10 barrel available in black as an aftermarket item. An empty Desert Eagle is also an excellent choice for close quarters combat. Figure right about 1300 fps. Why would anyone want one of these? If you like it you are definitely a good shooter, If you dislike it, you can chance to be good shooter as well. Purportedly, quality went into the crapper about the time that production was switched stateside from the land of Canaan. the 50ae does have a time and place, but how in the world can you dismiss the intimidation factor? IWI Izhevsk Factory IZHMASH J STEVENS A&T CO. J.C. HIGGINS . Overall length is 9.75, height is 6.25 and the slide width is 1.25. SOLD Manufacturer: IWI / Magnum Research Model: Desert Eagle Mark XIX ergonomics are a direct link to reliable cycling. The Mark XIX Desert Eagle is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a 7 round capacity in .50 AE and 8 round capacity in .44 Magnum. Go. Add to that the ammo cost factor and the whole proposition just fails. Oddly enough, habitual snubby shooters who have practiced a convulsive grip (trying to crush the handle into powder) will have no limp-wristing jams with this pistol. While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images, descriptions and pricing for all products, inadvertent errors may occur. My best friend . After 25 years of being accessorized, customized and re-imagined in countless movies, television shows and video games, the Desert Eagle Pistol has emerged as a pop-culture icon. a human skull has a medium hardness, so I am confident of survival as I had read articles that even extreme brain loss or damage can survive. . The Desert Eagle is dead-nuts accurate shot offhand, and probably scary accurate if shot from sandbags, vise or rest. Ive had my DE 357 for years and love it, sure I also have a Ruger 44 mag and just got my hand on a DE 50ae and agree the DEs are not the easyest handguns to handle. All rights reserved. ), 3 lbs. For other purposes, I think this would be a rather an overkill option (pun intended!). $1,928.00 (Save up to 0%) Price $1927.86 In Stock DE44CABB Magnum Research Magnum Desert Eagle Mark XIX Color Case Hardened Pistol 50 . Self defense? I shot a .50 once Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX L5 w/Brake Pistol | DE357L5IMB 357 Magnum, 5", Double/Single Action, Aluminum, Black Hogue Rubber, Ambi Thumb, Combat Fixed, Black , 9+1 Hinterland #: 51373 MFG #: DE357L5IMB 100% 2 In stock $1,919.00 Add to Cart Add to Wish List Add to Compare Low Stock for my dream moose hunt pricey to practice with. We Ship Free To Any FFL Dealer Of Your Choosing. Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. service to the online gun buying experience that is unheard of. I find shooting Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE more fun than shooting 500 SmithWession revolver. and who could not help when it was to late? Cheaper then dirt has 50ae, 350gr jacketed for $26 a box or $1.30 each no worse then a rifle. My second shot was fired from a Chapman-style stance with the dominant arm straight out and the elbow almost locked. really enjoyed that review I recently purchased eagle in 44 mag big bulky blast to shoot plan on hunting with it this season I love it so far. is remarkably mild: my kids like shooting this gun better than most After 2k rounds this is still a problem. In the beginning I used factory ammo and got about 2 ftfs per mag, after I got the set of dies for 50ae that number went down to zero, and my wallet greatly appreciates them too, but the credit card company doesnt. My first shot was on target, but the pistol overwhelmed my stance. 45 will serve. I have never owned anything larger than a .44 mag , much less shot anything larger in a handgun . These figures 1450-1847 ft lbs are nowhere near a .308. But voila, there were no failures, period. Its too heavy, I tried it. If I was rating the Desert Eagles fun factor using TTAGs star system, the gun would get more stars than Hollywood. Certain states have stricter laws regarding a firearm buyers age and Sportsman's Warehouse complies with such requirements. Sale; New; Top Rated; PER PAGE: . Do you know someone who can? My two DE XIX .50s are the most accurate handguns I own. I just HOPE to GOD that I do not get buyers remorse. Using this web site acknowledges your agreement to the, Colorado Compliant - Washington Compliant, High quality carbon steel barrel, frame and slide w/ full Weaver style accessory rail. Thanks for the great review, I think Ill get an Israeli one . there is no substitute 4 firepower, just like cubic inches! common drumsticks work ever so well, are cheaper, cost virtually nothing to replace, are much faster to use and easier to conceal up a sleeve or down a leg if needs be and will never be questioned anywhere you carry them; Ive never once seen a DE .50 bounce around as much in the hands of people who are experienced marksmen. Tip-Get reloading equipment and supplies, learn to reload. The purpose of sharing the pistol with others was to make the pistol jam. For more information: www.p65warnings.ca.gov. A set of Callaway clubs isnt great because it will still hook or slice if I dont practice a lot. 9am-6pm CST Tue-Fri, 2023 Omaha Outdoors, LLC. The author needs to look up the definition of gunsel. Looking forward to more gems like this from Ralph. A .45 meanwhile is exactly what a 3A Kevlar vest is rated to block, and then your gun is worthless in a self-defense situation. . 11 oz. How one could call themselves a gun enthusiast and not own a DE .50 I do not know. A wild hog wil not die in a movie 3 shots in the head en then passed death. Crazy accurate at 100 yrs with a scope . Great review. I hope someone can in the high future giving me a really evidence answer! In a good holster it wont pull your pants off, and I paid $400 for the pistol, 50 rounds loaded for 44mag and 44SPL, 50 pieces each virgin brass, and a set of carbide dies. But hosanna, one of the range instructors did have two jams while firing a magazine-full. Always makes this odd magic on the range: If you cant shoot more.22s get a firm wrist and dont be sooo wimpy!!!!! Nothing feels as good to shoot as the Desert Eagle 9mm which feature a polymer frame, tactical rails, and an ergonomic textured grip, and for even more power, the 44 magnum pistols offer heavy hitting capability without knocking you off your feet. The Mark XIX Desert Eagle is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a 7 round capacity in .50 AE and 8 round capacity in .44 Magnum. look back, the colt 1847 walker was 4.5 lbs too! If I was going to get one, it would probably be in the 357. I keep having to show them Im just using factory loads my glock,1911,s&wm&p,XD all jam! magnum 44:safely but he will make damage. Magnum Desert Eagle Mark XIX Tiger Stripe Gold Pistol 50 A Magnum Desert Eagle Mark XIX Titanium Gold Pistol 50 AE 7 RD, Magnum Research 1911 G Desert Eagle 45 ACP Pistol, Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol 9 RD 357 Mag, Magnum Desert Eagle 1911 G 10mm Pistol with Knife, Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911 G 8 RD 10mm 5.01" Pistol, Magnum Desert Eagle Mark XIX Tungsten Pistol 8 RD 44 Magnum. We do not sell or share your information with anyone. * Each White Matte Distressed and Case Hardened Desert Eagle are a unique work of art with a custom finish. I read just the opposite. I Israeli-made .44first gun I ever bought (that was an I wanted it pretty, and its absolutely gorgeous! Back to my initial firing experience. Desert Eagle 50 Action Express pistols for sale online or in-store at Sportsman's Warehouse. A curiousity rather than a reasonable tool, IMO. my son-in-law is at least a half foot shorter than me and grip becomes an issue. I enjoy reading about your experience. Stay in the know. You did not mention that the DE was originally designed to kill Buicks, not people. By that logic a Corvette isnt a great car because it doesnt drive itself. Empty .50 AE cases are scarcer than hens teeth. own to figure out what you want. A great pistol should assist the shooter by being accurate, safe and easy to shoot well. A few years later, production of the Desert Eagle was returned to Israel. That is wayyyyy up there. Ans. A valid U.S. and/or state government-issued identification document, or combination of government-issued documents, which reflect the buyer's current residential address, must be presented at the selected store location prior to the completion of any firearm-related paperwork and background check initiation. From 10-13 feeth away with 300 grain hollowpoint hornady xtp ammunition? LK's Firearm Review takes a diligent look at the Mark XIX in the .50 Action Express caliber followed by firing demonstration (and maybe a special "guest").. Based on the famous 50 AE cartridge, the 429 DE is made with Starline brass, and loaded by HSM in Montana with Speer and Sierra bullets. As the slide begins its rearward travel, the rotating bolt unlocks from the barrel and moves with the slide. The 460 Smith and Wesson and 500 Smith and Wesson can both generate 2800 plus ft-lbs of energy from 8 3/8 (or more) barrel lengths and Buffalo Bore Ammo. Because indoor range lighting is no friend of mine, thats why. Field stripping is so easy even a cave man can do it, so theres no excuse for not cleaning this big noisemaker. Even with all that, if somebody gave me one, Id keep it. If you have been looking for an Israeli-made Desert Eagle for your collection this extremely clean and beautiful factory bright nickel Mark VII in .50 AE caliber would be an excellent choice. Easyer get repeat shot off in Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE where you want compare get repeat shot off with with Smith Wession 500 revolver.
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